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Seaweed in my teeth

October 26, 2007 2 comments

A while ago, two of my youngest villains (levelwise) both had a task from a Lorenzo Ansaldo, a representative for some family run business in Sharkhead Isle – the kind of business that makes you offers you cannot refuse. Being on the same account, those villains could unfortunately not cooperate in these tasks, but work on it one at a time.

The villains were my fire/fire brute Ezrail and my fire/psi dominator Flamebrain.

A do-gooder lady who called herself the Sea Witch was disrupting business in the area, which Lorenzo wanted to put a stop to. She reportedly worked with the Legacy Chain group. So, after some violent chit-chat witht he chain guys it seemed that Sea Witch had a sweetheat among the blue collar workers (The scrapyarders) in the area, called Iron Billy.

Evil work to be done, some scrapyarders were beaten up to reveal the location of Billy and then Billy himself were captured as bait, to lure out Sea Witch.

This worked out as expected and a pretty pissed off Sea Witch appeared. This puts villains in a bit delicate position. The Sea Witch is a lady which quitely literally can take one by storm, strike you down with lightning, knock you off your boots and drain your endurance – and that is on a happy day.

Sea Witch is pissed off

Playing with my brute has for the most part being like playing in”easy mode” in the game compared to my dominators – he can take a lot of beating and can deal huge amounts of damage on a good day and does not bother so much on multiple mobs attacking him at once – in fact the thrives on the situation. A dominator need to have control of the surroundings to survive, he is pretty weak, hardly any defense or damage mitigation and does not deal a whole lot of damage compared to some others.

Dominators on the other hand can potentially keep the real bad (good) ones in check and not let them unleash their anger – and taking on the Sea Witch is no exception here. Most of my dominators have not had that much issues with fighting Sea Witch, a bit challenging but doable solo or in group. And for Flamebrain it worked out pretty well.

But then comes the turn to the big “easy mode” brute…

Hi Ms Witch, feeling hot?

While Ezrail can take a lot of beating and can deal a good deal of damage, he actually has to get close to the one to beat up. And Ms Witch tends to keep many of her suitors at a distance with various means and poor Ezrail was barely able to touch her, and those attempts did not last long.

Ezrail vs Sea Witch

So what is a brutish evil villain to do? When met with a challenge in an MMORPG there are typically two ways to deal with it:

  • Get a group to beat up the culprit
  • Outlevel the adversary and then beat them up when they are to weak to resist

In City of Villains/Heroes there is also a third option:

  • Lower the difficulty setting

Now, if one were at the lowest difficulty setting, one had to resort to the means presetn in other MMORPGs. Fortunately, Ezrail had his difficulty bumped up a bit and was also close to a new level, so lowering setting and getting another level changed the conditions considerably in the brutes favor. And in the next attempt he appeared victorious.

Not a victory to brag about, but business as usuall for a man of evil – mua ha ha ha…

And of course, both villains now have the Seaweed badge to show for the accomplishment. I did not see much point in capturing the dominmator fight – while it was more successful initially, it also have less to show – locking down the enemies tend to get fights a bit one-sided – beating up on someone who does not move or do anything else, at least when playing solo.
Legacy chain backup

While I do really like the lock-them-down-and-beat-them-up aspect of dominators and they are by far my favourite archetype in the game, some simple damage bursts with a brute – especially when fire is involved – is something that I have a soft spot for occasionally and it is nice with a bit of change to the regular play styles.

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