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The title is the Swedish name for All Saints Day or as it is known in some English speaking countries – Halloween. In Sweden we do not have this on a fixed day, for the last 235 years it has been a floating day – the first Sunday in November.

All this pumpkin stuff is also something that we did not exibit during this day either, but in later years commercial entities have started to introduce this as a “tradition” here to be able to sell more stuff to people for a few days. Not too bad though, a bit more reason to have some fun for people at a time of the year where things tend to get a bit gloomy here.

And as always, different MMOGs take the opportunity to add some extras during this time. This year for City of Heroes/Villains, the festivities starts today and ends at noon GMT on Sunday the 4th. Which means that the festivities actually ends in the middle of our Halloween here…

I am looking forward to this years new feature, to be able to get costumes of members from the different villain groups in the game. And they of course have all the old halloween features as well from previous years. Trick or treat time!

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