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Gods & Heroes cancelled

October 10, 2007

The Gods & Heroes web site has closed down with a message saying that Perpetual will focus their efforts on their PEP (Perpetual Entertainment Platform) and Star Trek Online and that Gods & Heroes have been put on indefinite hold.

I can’t say that I am entirely surprised by this, but I think they could handle it a bit better. It was not that long ago they announced that they had started to sell pre-orders of the game and most likely some people have been buying these, just to get to see this.

While the game did have some work do be done before being ready for prime time, it will still have been in a more ready state than Star Trek Online is at judging from info seen on the games. Obviously they and/or their investors consider the Star Trek a much stronger name to attract future customers than roman mythology – including any features that is pushed for the games.

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