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Improved crafting and start for player economy in Tabula Rasa

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Richard Garriott (General British) recently announced the content update Operation 0: Fair Trade for Tabula Rasa. Since it is supposed to be added around launch and has the number zero, it is probably a bit wrong to call it a content update though.

Either way, the crafting part is changing so that it is more flexible than it is in the current beta when it comes to modifying weapons and armor. What the new system will allow is to take any weapon or armor with an enhancement and decompose it into the core weapon/armor and the enhancement parts. These enhancement parts (will appear as recipes I assume) can then be used on any other item.

Each item can be enhanced up to four levels of a specific enhancement, which can come in different levels (corresponding to the tiers perhaps?). Dropped recipes can be used as before, but will not only modifyexisting enhancements they can also be added.

To support this they are also creating a base for a player economy with the Military Surplus facilities, which will allow players to buy and sell stuff. No auctions or consignment at this point though, so it will still be a bit limited probably. But it is good to see that they are at least adding this around launch.

With this announement and others about content updates for Tabula Rasa I think they probably want the game to be released before Christmas shopping starts and that they think it is good enough that some rough edges may be tolerable.

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