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Blizzard folks go NCSoft, which goes into space

October 5, 2007 Comments off

NCSoft provided some recent updates on two of their game studios. One is a previously unnamed studio in Orange County Californ is named Carbine Studios, which consists of a number of former Blizzard employees, as well as people with background from Fallout, City of Heroes and Asheron’s Call. Judging from the art on the web site they are working on some fantasy title.

In Austin NCSoft has a different studio, Spacetime studios, working on an original SciFi space MMOG. They seem to be at the end of the preproduction stage where they have built tools and other things needed to acyually start develop the game content. Both seem to be filling up their ranks and are seeking developers.
Personally I am not so sure I would be attracted to yet another fantasy game, but a space MMOG would definitely be something I would look forward to.

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