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Tabula Rasa 24/7

September 25, 2007 2 comments

Today a new patch for the Tabula Rasa beta was put in (the claim is more than 1000 bug fixes) and the beta servers will now run 24/7 until launch – which for the most time they have not so far.

There will be one more beta patch before release as I understand it. Fileplanet has kicked in some beta key promotion for all registered FP users, so I guess they are approaching some real open beta/trial period now.

This means I might be playing a bit less, since there might not be that much more to report that they will correct before release – what devs are working on are two releases ahead of what is on the beta servers. I really do not want to experience too much of the content before I play the game for real, testing the lower level parts have been enough for me.

A bit more than 3 weeks to the release now, I guess Richard Garriott will be very happy when it is finally released. It has been many years and some total redesign and rewrite during that time.

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