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Tabula Rasa regional segregation cancelled

September 21, 2007

CuppaJo, the Tabula Rasa community manager, made the following announement on the Tabula Rasa forums:

As many of you know, we had planned to segregate the US and EU communities in the near future and going forward for launch. However, after having a worldwide beta that allowed players to play on either server with their friends and guildmates on both sides of the pond, we have decided NOT to segregate players but instead to allow you to login and pick where you want to play – US or EU.

We will still have servers located in both the US and the EU (US servers are West and East Coast – EU servers are in Germany) and events will be run like they have been in beta – US servers have events during US primetime and EU servers will have events in EU primetime.

We have a few support issues to work out – such as /bug working no matter what server you are but we feel this is the right decision for our player community.

I think this is quite good news and I would say a welcome break from a trend where MMO game companies force borders between the different regions.

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