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The stories of Pyrissa and Pia

September 19, 2007 1 comment

I played through two story arcs recently when my newest villain Ezrail toured around in Cap au Diable, making his mark on the villainous scene.

One is a short but pretty nice story in its evilness – Ezrail got the assignment to help eliminate the threat of up and coming girl with powerful mutant powers, Pyrissa. As Ezrail is a angel on fire, Pyrissa is quite literally a bit of a hot girl who can put men (and everything else) on fire.

Normal procedures in eliminating the goody guys (or girls) where not to be taken place here. Instead work was to be done to convince the girl to become a villain instead. Pyrissa is an orphan and has been taken care of by a group of do-gooders/vigilantes called Legacy Chain. So the plan was to find some infor that was dear to Pyrissa (info about her dead parents), modify the information to incriminate her benefactors so she would turn on them. Of course this worked out just fine and we got ourselves a new villain.

It is a short but pretty nice story over 3 missions and one that fits in well with being a villain.

The next story arc was the story with Pia Marino, a seer in the service or Arachnos and Lord Recluse who wants to find out the truth behind her brother Paolo’s reported death a few years ago on a mission. This is a story pretty much every villain that has reached at least level 15 will get and it is a quite nice story which involves love, betrayal, murder and also tells a bit of the story how the Arch-villain Ghost Widow came to be. It is about seven missions long

As with many of the stories in City of Heroes/Villains one has to read the clues presented to get the whole story. While some parts are acted directly by the characters in the missions, many story details are provided by the clues. Unfortunately reading these may not always work out so well if you are in a group going for some fast-paced action. This is a shame really, since there are some quite nice stories in the game.

I have probably played the Seer Marino arc around 15 times and the Pyrissa arc at least 7-8 times. It was a few months since the last time though, so it was nice to go through again. It is a bit like picking up an old comic book or magazine and re-read it again – the plot and how it will end comes back to you, but one may still enjoy following the stories as they unfold.

If anyone is playing through some atory arcs for the first time, take the time to read the clues. There might a story there that you will only scratch the surface of if and may not be able to follow thet whole plot if you do not read it.

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