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Gods & Heroes preorder

September 17, 2007

If one visits the Gods & Heroes website they announce that pre-order of the game is available and beta participants who pre-ordered the full game will get some in-game bonus items. it seems you need to get into the beta to get the items though and they do write thet one is eligble if one is accepted into the beta.

Now, they have pretty much been running sort of a lottery giving out beta keys for some time now, so basically anyone has at least the chance to get a beta key. But it is a bit different from other games where one is given beta access just by pre-ordering.

Looking at the Amazon web site, the game is currently estimated to be released on February 1st, 2008. So there will still be some time. The game has been in closed beta for quite a while now and one would assume they are taking their time to fix issues in the game and get it polished for release, about 4.5 months left if that release date is kept.

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  1. David
    September 29, 2007 at 01:57

    Dont preorder this crap! I preordered sadly. You cant even get into beta until 2008 as a preorder. Even though the box states on the front that you get early beta access. Big fat lie….

  2. sente
    September 29, 2007 at 17:50

    Technically they are correct, it would still be early access if it is before the release date.
    But they should say that up front definitely.

  3. David
    September 30, 2007 at 07:20

    Oh well? Now they are saying we get OPEN BETA FOR PREORDERING!@ Tell me that isnt lame… We pay 10 bucks just so we can play at the same time as all the people who didnt preorder? Oh wait I forgot, we get a nifty pet and a low stat item for our preorder…. Whats wrong with this picture? Does PE even know what there doing? This would be the first game I ever preordered where Ididnt get into closed beta…

    DAOC 2 day wait then was in closed.
    EQ2 instant beta access.
    Shadowbane instant
    Lord of the Rings online 1 day wait.
    Tabula Rasa Instant
    And the list goes on….This really makes PE look like rank amateurs.

  4. sente
    September 30, 2007 at 08:32

    Yes, that is not exactly an exciting offer they have…

    The game is severly delayed from the original plan (2005) and they recently fired over 30 people. They might want to get in some money and indication of interest without making any commitments.

    I think Perpetual may have some financial issues so they need to get in some confidence from investors. If they do not let people in it probably means they cannot handle more people than at present, for whatever reason.

    Mind you, I have a beta access key from Massive Magazine which I registered on their site in 2006, which would let you in “some time before or at the same time as open beta” – paraphrased, but something to that effect. No indication that that particular key could be used yet.

    They at least used to run a lottery of a kind where the first X persons to click a link would get a key into closed beta.
    Which probably means that they were at the stage that they wanted more people in, but would want some control of how many.

  5. David
    September 30, 2007 at 22:11

    They let beta winners in all the time. They just dotn let us poor sod preorders in. Makes no sence… I would try my key if I were you Im sure you could get in.

  6. sente
    September 30, 2007 at 22:35

    Let’s just say I do not need the magazine beta key anymore, as you say their lottery gives away beta keys to anyone.

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