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Got my wings

September 4, 2007

This last Saturday I got the Zealous badge in City of Villains/Heroes, which means my account has been active for 15 months. The 15 month limit also give some veteran rewards, which includes the option to use angelic or demonic wings in the costume and with that also a free costume change.

I can’t really say that any of my existing characters would fit with wings, not with the background descriptions and styles I have given them. So perhaps try a new character then – I only have about 20 of them or so, there is certainly space for one more 🙂

Brute is the archetype on the villain side I have played the least there and I only have one at 22 which I am not that fond of to be honest. So a new brute it would be. I see far too many winged characters with a sort of demon/devil look, so angelic wings sounded like a more attractive choice. After some thinking Ezrail was born and the powersets chosen were fire/fire to match that.


Played him for a few levels, pretty fun to play, nice effects and good damage – but fire is all about damage in this game. Remains to be seen if he is a keeper.

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