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Rikti invasion days

August 28, 2007

After the initial weeks of Issue 10 in City of Heroes/Villains, the Rikti invasion has declined in intensity. Now the RIkti will only invade when either some team completes the Lady Grey Task Force, or during certain days every now and then.

Thoughtful as they are, the Rikti has pre-announced the days they will try to invade earth. I guess they want to make sure they have a good and fair fight? Getting together a team and head out to some of the invaded zones and disabling the Rikti bombs are a nice and decent fun – it typically ends up in a standoff fight where a couple of groups will fight the constantly added forces of Rikti beaming down. Usually fairly intense and good fun for a short time.

The good thing about these events are that characters of all levels can group together, get experience and have a bit of fun, be it that you are level 5 or level 50. It all scales individually to each character. It is fairly short and intense, so there is no need to commit hours to it – set aside maybe 20-30 minutes and it will be enough. If one wants to do more the invasion attemps will go on for about 24 hours, at least for each scheduled invasion day.

Hopefully Cryptic will develop more events and activities in a similar manner.

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