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The first final ding

August 6, 2007

Tonight, during the Lady Grey Task Force, my plant/thorns dominator Sarek dinged for the final time and hit level 50. I had put sarek on hold for a bit during the week, since I preferred to have the ding happen at some good time grouping with friends, so the task force seemed a good fit.

This was my first character in City of Heroes/Villains to hit level 50 and this was after playing her for about 14 months calendar time, 263 hours of play time.

I still have lots of missions to do with Sarek and more Rikti invasion to fight, so it certainly does not feel like the end, just a different phase. I would not mind if Cryptic could work on to get the Epic villain archetypes in place though 🙂

As a side note, today on hero side my Baron Nuit reached level 24, which is the highest level I have played a character on hero side so far. So there is also a lot of content on hero side to play.

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