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Weekend heroes (or villains) can fight the Rikti invasion

August 3, 2007

The US City of Heroes/Villains forums had the announement that all inactive accounts have been reactivated for the weekend, in order to let former players get a taste if Issue 10 – Invasion.

US forum announcement

I have not seen any announcement (yet) for the European side, so it might not apply there. If you are a former player and have a hero/villain that is level 35+ you can jump in into the Rikti War Zone and try it out. For lower level toons it will mainly be the Rikti bomb raids that is new with Issue 10.  However, if the toons have not been played for a while there are a number of other changes made also in previous issues.

A couple of companies seem to do similar marketing, got an offer from CCP to reactivate my EVE account for a few days for example. I think that is a good approach, more should be doing that if they want to get back som former players.

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