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The bright star is gone and the night rises

July 25, 2007

About a week ago I deleted a dominator character I had on the villain side, a level 22 with mind control and psi assault powers. I love playing dominators and mind/psi is a good power combination for a dominator, but still this was the character I choose among the 12 available to make room for a new character.

The problem with him was that I already 5 other domainators covering all the powers available. He had no background description and a name that I could not easily associate with a good story either – he was named after a star, Suhail Hadar, which means “bright star of the ground” in Arabic.

With 11 villains and 1 hero on that server, I wanted to create a character on hero side instead. So born is Baron Nuit, an aristocrat from the 15th century who has prolonged his life through the studies of magic and continues to hunt down bandits after wrongdoings to his family – a black knight. (A broadsword + dark armor scrapper).

So far I have had quite a good time with the good baron and for a change I have spent most of the time playin hero side – usually my villains get most of the attention.

Although this will change with the now release Issue 10, where the majority of new content is of level 35+ and I got 3 dominators eligable for that. More on the invasion later.

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