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Is your computer up to it?

July 20, 2007 Comments off

I came across the link in one of the forums at The Older Gamers – it is a site which will check your system and if it is good enough to play any of the games that can be selected from a long list.

System Requirements Lab

The result is presented with info if your system passes minimum and recommended requirements and with much you pass (or fail) and if you fail, what you need to upgrade. It is a quite neat feature. A potential problem is that it is likely based on numbers the developer of the game has provided – as long as this is an accurate representation it is just fine, but otherwise…

I did run the test for a couple of games I have played and some others. For most MMOG games I tested, my system passes the test with flying colours for both minimum and recommanded. That includes the City of-games (no surprise), Everquest 2 (well, not on higher settings…), Vanguard (excuse me? I’d beg to differ),
SWG, Auto Assault, FFXI, LoTRO etc.

Not many future games there, only Age of Conan as far as I could see. That was also the one MMOG that I only met the minimum requirements and not the recommeded – would have to get Vista and a better graphics card in that case.

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