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NPC story development

July 8, 2007

How many NPCs that you have interacted with in various MMOGs can you say you remember by name and what their story was? What were their likes and dislikes and what made them tick?

For many MMOGs I have played, I can barely remember any names of the NPCs or much of the story line that surrounded them. Whatever made them tick and why they wanted my help has just vanished to some distant corner of a remote synapse in the brain. If I remember anything, it may perhaps be where an NPC was located and what he/she wanted me to do, but often the reason behind it, why I did it, is long forgotten.

For many movies and books I can remember similar details much better, so it is not just part of an early case of senility – at least I like to think that…

Most of the NPC stories I do remember from MMOGs are currently from City of Villains. One obvious reason is that this is the MMOG that I have spent most time in during the past year. But I also think that some of the NPC stories have had a better job at being developed than i a number of other MMOGs.

I do remember Seer Marino and her concern for fate of her brother Paulo and my assistance there. I distinctly remember Timothy Raymond and his memory loss and weird way of talking and my eagerness to find out why the aliens presumably had abducted him. Being a villain, I still found Westin Phipps be a quite despicable character operating under cover as a guardian angel, seemingly helping the poor, but destroying their lives when he got a chance. And chatting with Doc Buzzsaw made me smile, a bit of a polite lady underneath the cover of a bloody successor to Dr Frankenstein.

Perhaps if I stop playing CoV for a while I will forget these as well. But I think the game has done a fairly good job at developing characters that one might remember, more so than with a number of other MMOGs.

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