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Iceland next

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Today I am flying to Iceland for 1 1/2 week for a bit of vacation. It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and this year I decided to have a go at it. Hot springs, glaciers, geysir etc, exciting times 😉

Flight ticket prices were pretty good, Iceland Express is a low cost airline which obviously have routes to Iceland… Although the flight tax added almost 50% to the price before the tax, the price was still reasonable, I think. It is good also that the flight leaves around lunch time, I really do not like early morning flights which I tend to have to use when doing work travel.

Next stop Reykjavik..

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Respec and IOs

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In the last few days I have started to play one of my Corruptors again which I have not played in a long time – Shadow Siren, which uses sonic attack/dark miasma powers. I have been quite happy with that combination, dark part has been useful for debuffing and some healing and and the sonic attacks can do pretty good damage, plus that they help team members do better damage as well – sonic lowers damage resistance.

I recently got her up to level 32, which before issue 9 would have meant I would buy some new single origin (SO) enhancements for all powers, before the old ones becomes useless.

While I have been mostly ok with which powers had been chosen and their slotting, there were some room for improvement and I decided to use the unclaimed free respec I had (veteran reward).

First some planning for how the respec would be done, which I used Mids’ Hero Designer for. An excellent tool, which also is updated for Issue 9 with all the new enhancements, i.e. Invention Origins (IO) and the Invention Origin Sets.

For this respec I decided that I would try to use level 35 IOs for all power slots, they are equivalent to +3 level SOs in enhancements, but since their enhancement boost do not change with character level, I would in theory not have to replace them anymore and still have poers as good as I would have been with SOs.

While Mids’ Hero designer is excellent in many ways, it does not tell you what salvage you would need to craft the various IOs and IO sets you might include in your customisation. There is another source for such info, the Salvage Planner. While it is certainly a good effort, it does only include IO sets, not regular IOs. I was only going to add regular IOs at this point, trying to buy recipes and salvage to make a number of sets would probably have cost more infamy than I had available. So only regular IOs at this point.

So after calculating my needs and performing the respec, I started to put up bids on the Black Market. The majority of the needed recipes and salvage could be bought relatively cheap and some were at lower prices than the would have sold for at an NPC vendor. But I am not complaining 😉

All in all, handling the bids and crafting the IOs took more than an hour and it was a lot of back and forth between black market and the university for crafting. The total cost for recipes, salvage and crafting cost ended up at around 2 million infamy, which was almost all of the money I had, including selling the old enhancements during respec.

The cost was more than a regular SO replacement would have neded up with, but since I will not really have to replace them anymore, the long term cost will be lower than using SOs.

There are still a few more levels to go before Shadow Siren can jump into the Rikti War Zone when Issue 10 releases, which seems to be quite soon – the CoV launcher was downloading the update when I left the game today. But I have 3 other toons that are 35+, so there is no rush to get Shadow Siren there.

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